Wind Growth Consistent

Driven by Clean Profile, Falling Prices and Public Policy

TGE Wind leads Texas as the developer responsible for nearly one quarter of all wind generation under construction.

Over the past decade, global wind power capacity has grown more than 20 percent a year, an increase driven by wind’s attractiveness as a clean energy source, by supportive public policies and by falling costs. 

Total wind power capacity in the United States has grown to nearly 66,000 megawatts, and wind growth is much the same story worldwide where total cumulative installed capacity from wind power increased by 16 percent to more than 369,000 megawatts compared to a year ago.

Americans Favor Wind Energy

Slightly more than 20 percent, or some 14,900 megawatts, of that capacity is located in Texas, which continues to lead the nation both in the production of wind energy and the pace of new capacity construction. The reasons for wind’s growth and popularity (76 percent of Americans are in favor of wind energy) are simple.

  • It is plentiful, particularly in wind-rich states, which are predominantly located in the Great Plains region. But even at speeds as low as seven to 10 miles an hour (more common in the Northeast), wind can be harnessed effectively.
  • It does not pollute. Wind is clean energy, so being carbon-free means that the air stays clean.
  • It will not run out. As long as the sun shines, there will be wind somewhere.
  • Unlike water-intensive energy sources like nuclear and coal, wind does not require any water.
  • The turbines do not need much room. They occupy only about one percent of a wind project’s land area, which allows ranchers and farmers to continue to graze sheep and cattle or grow their cash crops.
  • Most costs are all upfront. Since wind does not need an external fuel source, ongoing operating expenses are minimized, enabling wind farms to sign long-term supply agreements with utilities and private businesses at low fixed rates.

Combining these factors with TGE Wind’s ability to innovate and provide leadership in the development of our wind farms has craven our growth and success. Our proprietary "Wind Force Plan" development model aligns the interests and provides an opportunity for shared rewards between all parties – landowners, communities, partners and Tri Global Energy.