TGE Wind Shares a Common Vision with Landowners

With our roots in the Texas Panhandle, TGE Wind understands the spirit of farmers and ranchers whose land is fundamental to the success of a wind project. We share the common vision with landowners by developing renewable energy projects in a manner that contributes environmentally and economically to the sustainability of the communities where we serve. The landowners and communities who partner with us recognize that successful projects will play a significant role by helping them maintain agriculturally oriented livelihoods and lifestyles for themselves, their children and other future generations.

The founding principle of Tri Global Energy is the company’s proprietary business model, the Wind Force Plan. Through this business model, TGE Wind provides a unique opportunity for landowners to participate in equity ownership of their wind project. Royalties are distributed to all landowners regardless of whether a turbine is placed on their land, and through the knowledge that a landowner’s lease, once executed, is secure from termination.

Fluvanna Landowners


Wind Force Plan