Competitive Projects, Compelling Results

Tri Global Energy Leads in Renewable Energy Transformation

With a focus on the communities that host, co-sponsor and benefit from our projects, Tri Global Energy has initiated 16 wind projects located on thousands of acres of land with hundreds of participating landowners and community investors. In 2014, Tri Global Energy concluded 520 megawatts of wind transactions and will commercialize approximately 2,000 megawatts cumulatively by the end of 2017.

Wind Energy

The Benefits of Wind Energy 

Wind is abundant, free and inexhaustible.   It is carbon-free, uses no water, no fuel and very little land. In fact, less than 1 acre per megawatt is disturbed permanently and the remainder of the land can be used for a variety of other productive purposes, including livestock grazing, agriculture, highways and hiking trails.

Wind energy yields several economic benefits: jobs in manufacturing, construction and wind project operations; supporting an additional income stream to landowners; and new tax revenues for local communities.  

TGE Wind will continue playing a leading role in the growth of the wind energy industry, which -- according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory -- has the potential in the contiguous U. S. to produce more than 10,000 gigawatts of onshore wind power, an amount nine times larger than the nation’s current total electricity consumption.