Uniting Communities By Driving Economic Development

Renewable projects developed by Tri Global Energy serve as a powerful force by uniting communities with a common cause and generating significant local economic development. By bringing together landowners and other local leaders to develop, construct, and operate a utility wind or solar project on their combined acreage, a project developed by Tri Global generates local tax revenue, jobs and other business opportunities that benefit the whole community. 

Even greater local benefit transpires through Tri Global Energy’s business development model which provides an opportunity for the community to invest and participate in the wind project, keeping more of the economic advantages within the local community.

Real community partnership differentiates Tri Global Energy from other wind and solar developers, and fundamentally alters the renewable energy project model where the long-term interests of a project’s stakeholders – landowner, community, developer, and majority owner – are more fully aligned. A strong alliance directly assists in the development of a project. For example, the exceptionally high levels of local support can be invaluable with the timely securing of required easements, permits, and abatements that are critical factors in the ultimate success of each project. Direct, long-term community participation in wind and solar projects can also potentially mitigate against local issues that could present themselves years after a project has been operating.

TGE Wind Landowners