TGE Projects Are Investments in Towns, School Districts and Counties Where They Are Located

Tri Global Energy strives to be a committed partner in the communities where our projects are located. It is important to us that communities understand that TGE projects are not just investments in sustainable electricity generation; they are investments in the towns, school districts and counties where we work and where our projects are located. Construction and long-term maintenance and operation of our projects create widespread economic development in the community, and the tax dollars generated by our projects support local schools and counties. Over the life of our existing projects at the close of 2021, Tri Global Energy will contribute $800 million in local tax and royalty benefits to our local communities.

A key mission of Tri Global Energy is to continually advance the transformation of our environment. A full transition to sustainable and affordable electricity is our shared future. TGE is committed to making its contribution to that future through its focus and dedication on the responsible deployment of renewable energy and the broadening of rural economic development. Our vision is a world empowered and rejuvenated by sustainable electricity production.

Community Partners