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Tri Global Energy ‘Hales’ next step in wind project

Tri Global Energy ‘Hales’ next step in wind project

DALLAS (May 2, 2018) – With recent approval from the Public Utility Council of Texas, construction on one of the largest community-sponsored wind projects in the U.S. will begin in June near Plainview, Texas. The Hale Wind Project, in Hale County, will continue to deliver big in terms of power, tax revenues and employment – and it all began with a locally based business model proprietary to Tri Global Energy (TGE) –

            The Hale Wind Project is comprised of four wind farms in which Tri Global Energy was exclusive developer and a manager – Cotton Wind Farms, East Mound Renewable Energy, Hale Wind Farm and Lakeview Wind Farms.  Each project was launched under TGE’s business model, the Wind Force Plan, which allows local landowners and community investors the opportunity to partner with and have a substantial ownership in the wind project development leasing their land. Under the direction of TGE, the four wind farms joined together in 2013 to form one of the largest community-sponsored wind projects in the U.S., and TGE sold the project in 2015 to NextEra Energy Resources, LLC.

            “The start of construction of Hale Wind Project, following a year of record growth for Tri Global Energy, is a clear and strong message about the success of our community-based business model,” said John Billingsley, TGE’s Chairman and CEO. “And it’s also important to note that this project is expected to continue benefitting local communities for years to come.

            “Wind energy provides diversified income to farmers and ranchers, enabling them to continue using their land as they always have – to help feed the nation and the world. Now they’re also helping power the U.S. with clean, renewable energy.”

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Tri Global Energy (TGE) is a leading developer of wind energy in the U.S. The company is based in Dallas.  Founded in 2009, TGE’s goal is to develop clean energy at an affordable cost through the development of wind projects. Additionally, the company has pioneered a unique way to generate local economic benefits through the development of renewable energy projects by partnering with landowners, communities and industry-leading investors. The company develops and owns utility-scale wind projects in Texas, New Mexico and Nebraska.