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Tri Global Energy and Ralls Corporation Announce Upcoming Construction of 20-Megawatt Wind Farm in Crosby County, Texas

PRESS RELEASE / DALLAS, Texas, September 30, 2013 - - Tri Global Energy, LLC announces the upcoming installation of 20-megawatts (“MW”) of wind turbines in Crosby County.  The Ralls Corporation, an American company owned by Chinese investors, has acquired the development rights for the Pleasant Hill Wind Energy project from the Crosby County Wind Farm and will oversee its installation.  This will be the second wind energy project in Crosby County that will be constructed and operated by the Ralls Corporation with SANY wind turbines.  

Construction of the $37 million project is expected to begin this October, with commercial operations scheduled to commence in March 2014.  Pleasant Hill, comprised of 2,072 acres, represents the first phase of the potential 300-MW Crosby County Wind Farm located approximately seventeen miles northeast of Lubbock, Texas.

Tri Global Energy’s Founder and CEO John B. Billingsley, Jr. states, “I am pleased to see the first 11 wind turbines, of many, going up on projects initiated by the company we started in 2009.  This is a visible sign of the power behind our community-based business model.  Within the first 15 years, this Pleasant Hill project is expected to benefit the local economy by providing a total of $6.0 million in landowner and community royalties including tax revenues to the local county and school district.”

Ralls Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer Jialiang Wu adds, “The acquisition and construction of this project represents Ralls Corporation’s continued commitment to the U.S. wind energy market, and expands our operations in Crosby County to 30-MWs by the end of March 2014.”

“After three and one-half years of working with the local community in creating this wind farm, it is gratifying to see returns to a community that has supported the project’s success,” stated Shannon Adkins, President of Crosby County Wind Farm.  “We look forward to seeing the remaining 280-MWs of the Crosby County Wind Farm constructed over the next couple of years.”


About Ralls Corporation

Ralls Corporation, a Delaware Corporation, was founded with the objective of investing and operating wind energy projects with SANY turbines in the U.S market.  Ralls Corporation is firmly committed to the long-term development of wind business in the region through working closely with local authorities and partners. 

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About Tri Global Energy

Tri Global Energy (TGE) is a leading developer of wind energy in the U.S. The company is based in Dallas.  Founded in 2009, TGE’s goal is to develop clean energy at an affordable cost through the development of wind projects. Additionally, the company has pioneered a unique way to generate local economic benefits through the development of renewable energy projects by partnering with landowners, communities and industry-leading investors. The company develops and owns utility-scale wind projects in Texas, New Mexico and Nebraska.