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Who is Tri Global Energy?
Who is Tri Global Energy?
Tri Global Energy Announces Sale of Texas Solar Project to Silverpeak
Tri Global Energy announces the sale of the 180-megawatt Flatland Solar project.
Triglobal Energy Celebrates American Wind Week
Celebrating American Wind Week 2019 Tri Global Energy Realizing the Power of Wind Energy for 10 Years.
How to Build a Turbine
How to Build a Turbine
Special Recognition for Tri Global Energy
U.S. Congressman Jodey Arrington (R-TX19) recognizes Tri Global Energy's 10th anniversary and its significant performance in the Texas wind industry.
#I Love Wind Energy
#I Love WInd Energy
Connecting Wind Energy to the Grid
This 1-minute video illustrates how Tri Global Energy connects projects to the power grids.
Wind Energy Week
Wind Energy Powering the Future Economy
Earth Day 2018
Earth Day 2018
Tri Global Energy
Tri Global Energy and the Climate Pledge
Tri Global Introduction Video
Tri Global Introductory 7 Minute Video
Wind Farm Project Update
This 4-minute video describes Tri Global Energy's development of a wind farm project.
Getting Wind Projects Off the Ground
This 1-minute video explains how Tri Global Energy is unique from a traditional business model.
Involving the Community
This 1-minute video describes the Tri Global Energy business plan and how it works.