Tri Global Energy Launches
Climate Pledge

Tri Global Energy
American Business Act On Climate Pledge

American Business Climate Action PledgeWe applaud the growing number of countries that have already set ambitious targets for climate action. In this context, we support the conclusion of a climate change agreement in Paris that takes a strong step forward toward a low-carbon, sustainable future.

We recognize that delaying action on climate change will be costly in economic and human terms, while accelerating the transition to a low-carbon economy will produce multiple benefits with regard to sustainable economic growth, public health, resilience to natural disasters, and the health of the global environment.

Building on the 6,200 megawatts of wind power projects that are now under development, under construction or in operation, Tri Global Energy is investing in renewable power. Accordingly, we put forth our pledges as follows:

  • Initiate development of an additional 600-900 megawatts of new utility-scale wind generation projects annually through 2018, not only in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico where TGE’s 15 wind generation projects are located, but expanding our reach to locations across the U.S. Tri Global Energy is the leading developer of wind energy in Texas.
  • Transition more than 500 megawatts of additional wind capacity into the construction and operations phase annually through 2018 thus increasing renewable capacity available for grid integration and electricity usage.