The Power of Tri Global Energy

Tri Global Energy is a leading renewable energy developer drawing on the natural, renewable resources of the wind and the sun to successfully address the growing demand for clean and sustainable energy. Tri Global Energy is the leading utility-scale developer responsible for nearly one quarter of all wind energy projects currently under construction in Texas, the nation’s leader in wind capacity.

Founded in 2009, Tri Global Energy is helping to lead the nation toward a cleaner and more sustainable energy future. Our success is derived from the power of local communities where we conduct business, our company leadership who develops unique partnerships and innovative programs, and our projects and our unlimited energy sources – the wind and the sun – which we develop to fulfill the energy needs for today and tomorrow.

The phenomenal growth in renewable energy today is largely due to the world-class wind and solar resources available throughout the U.S., society’s near insatiable demand for clean energy and the continued support of diverse government-sponsored programs. At Tri Global Energy, we have an industry-experienced team of renewable energy professionals who have led project development, finance and construction and operation activities. Our founder, John B. Billingsley, Jr., was inspired to develop his own renewable energy company after being approached by a wind energy developer and realizing the traditional business model needed improvement from the viewpoints of both landowners and community.

At Tri Global Energy, our commitment is to continue aggressive development of wind, solar and energy storage projects to meet the world’s growing need for renewable energy. The future of our world depends on it.

Tri Global Energy

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